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Click valves for wood/aluminium windows 40cm2

Click valve: 2K-4010 / 2K-4011
(2K-4012 - White-painted aluminium valve)
Utilisation: Wood and wood/aluminium windows
Colours: White, gray
Milling measurements: 23 X 340 mm
Flow area: 40 cm2
Airflow:     Eqv. area:  3100 mm2
Opening height into room: 10 mm
Characteristics: Discreet – the click valve’s height when closed is just 2 mm
Materials: Plastic and natural anodised aluminium
Assembly: Without tools – the click valve is fixed by steel clips

Insect grate click valve 2K-4010: 4010
Colours: White, gray, black etc.
Milling measurements: 196,5 mm X 13,5 mm
Flow area: 2 X 20 cm2 (2 grates per valve)
Material: Plastic
Assembly: Without tools – fixed by incorporated barbs

Advantages of the click valve

  • Isolating plastic profile that reduces condensation
  • Low internal fitting height due to intelligent valve house design
  • Option of complete or partial valve opening
  • Simple and quick assembly/disassembly
  • Function testing
  • Water and air proof testing
Click valve 2K-4010